Balfour Residential, LLC


Balfour Residential focuses on modernizing and remodeling developing areas to help improve the community at large, while generating profitable returns for our investment partners. Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for all our tenants and potential home buyers. We are a full-service, professional management company with exceptional results. Please contact us at 770.291.8997 x5 for additional details, or you may e-mail us at [email protected]

We recognize the role we play in your lives and we take this seriously. The health and well-being of our tenants, communities and our employees are our top priority, which is why we have transitioned to digital office operations and digital payments.

As the situation around coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we want to take a moment to share an update, and thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate the challenges together. Please visit (https://gracehill.com/covid19-training) for educational resources on (COVID-19).

If your job, or job hours have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), please email our office-- so that we may assist.