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Cozy Fall Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

Updated: Apr 10

Fall is here! Make it amazing with these beautiful fall decor ideas.

#1: Fall Scents

Pumpkin spice, apple, cinnamon, clove and other scents offer a subtle reminder of the season. Even if you are unable to purchase candles, you can simply add the smell of the season by baking pumpkin bread, apple pie or anything with cinnamon! You can also make stovetop potpourri - you only need some cinnamon, lemons, apples, cloves, vanilla extract, and water. Once you have gathered all your items, put them in a pot, simmer on the lowest setting, and enjoy that fresh fall scent!

#2: Display A Wreath

Your festive wreath will be your first impression when you return home. Either buy one or make it yourself with crisp fall colors and autumn botanicals around a gold macramé hoop. You can also DIY this by purchasing an empty wreath from the craft store, and using a glue gun to place the leaves, flowers, or pinecones on the wreath.

#3: Add Small Touches

If you're not looking to do any DIYs this season, you can still add small touches of fall by utilizing the seasonal harvest. For example, buy small pumpkins at the grocery store and seasonal flowers you can display throughout the comfiest places in your home. You can even set up a basket of pinecones in your living room or your counter for that additional touch.

#4: Make It Cozy

Transform your apartment’s ambiance with a simple yet impactful change—swap out your regular throw pillows for ones adorned with autumn-inspired patterns and colors. These cozy accessories infuse your living space with the warm and inviting spirit of fall, offering a stylish and comfortable touch to your seating areas. Bring out your cozy blankets and pillows in fall colors for all of the fall feels.

#5: Fall Colors

The colors most associated with fall are orange, red, yellow and brown, inspired by the seasonal changing of leaves' colors as temperatures drop and daylight shrinks. If you don't want to make a big color change for the fall, like painting the walls, incorporate a few earth-tone pieces in varying shades. Add throw pillows, decorative accessories, artwork, and secondary upholstered pieces to inject rich fall color into your rooms.

Whether you use all of these ideas or pick and choose, adding fall decor to your apartment is the perfect way to bring extra coziness and warmth to your home for the season!

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