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Moving Hacks To Make Your Transition Easier

Updated: Apr 10

Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting new chapter in a person's life. But moving day itself can also be incredibly stressful.

Start your moving process a week or two before moving day so you're not overwhelmed by everything that needs to get packed.

Tip #1 - Declutter & Donate

You don't want to move extra items that you won't use or can't fit in your new home. Take this move as an opportunity to declutter what you don't need. Either sell the items on a selling app for some extra cash or donate them to your local thrift shop.

Tip #2 - Find Free Moving Boxes

Moving can include a lot of unexpected costs, some of which are completely unnecessary. One of these is buying moving boxes. Clothing stores, grocery stores, and the Craigslist free section are good places to find perfectly good boxes at no cost.

Tip #3 - Plan Your Meals

If you are packing up your kitchen, be sure to plan your meals for the days your items are packed. You could prepare freezer meals that are easy to thaw and enjoy or just plan on eating out for a few nights.

Tip #4 - Have A Moving Day Bag Ready

A moving day bag can be a lifesaver. Pack up everything you would need for a weekend trip. Include a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers and some cleaning supplies. Keep this bag in your car so that it doesn't get packed and lost in the back of the moving truck.

Tip #5 - Measure Your Furniture

A classic moving mistake is arriving at your new home to find that the couch won't fit through the door. Be sure you measure all your items and ensure they will fit in your new home.

Tip #6 - Color-Code Your Boxes

One of the hardest things when moving is to keep all your boxes organized. It's never easy to find things when you arrive at your new apartment. This can be made simpler through a color-coding system that'll let you glance at each box and immediately know which room the contents belong in.

Tip #7 - Keep Important Docs Accessible

Keep any important documents, such as your social security card or passport, separate from the rest of your items. You don't want to lose these in the chaos of moving day.

Tip #8 - Remove Hardware When Possible

If your drawers have handles that stick out, unscrew the hardware and place the handles on the inside; this will help to prevent them from scratching other items in the move.

Tip #9 - Take A Photo Of Wired Electronics

Some electronics, such as TVs, have a lot of wires. If you plan on removing the wires to transport them, be sure to take a photo so you know how to put them back together.

Tip #10 - Utilize Your Suitcase

Pack your suitcase with heavier items. It has wheels which will make it easier to transport than a heavy box.

Try These Moving Hacks!

Moving can be intimidating, but with these moving hacks, you'll have all your items in your new home in no time. Try making the process even more enjoyable by playing moving bingo as you go!

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