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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

If fall and winter are a great time to clean in preparation for a bunch of time spent indoors, spring is a great time to clean because of all that time spent indoors. In fact, the practice of spring cleaning dates back centuries and has cultural and religious roots that span the globe. 

The turning of the season is an excellent time to refresh and reset your space, maintain areas that require less frequent but still necessary cleaning, give some extra attention to items that may be put away for the season, and prepare items that will get pulled out for the warmer days ahead. 


  • Clean out the fridge. 

  • Clean out the freezer. 

  • Clean your water and ice dispenser areas. 

  • Get rid of entertaining items you didn’t use throughout the holiday season. 

  • Toss broken dishware, duplicate kitchen tools, and items you don’t use. 

  • Clean crumbs out of drawers. 

  • Clean your coffee maker

  • Clean your toaster oven

  • Clean your oven

  • Clean your vent hood screens. 

  • Wash your garbage can and recycling bin. 

  • Clean out your garbage disposal

  • Wipe down cabinet and drawer fronts. 

  • Clean any smudges on walls.

  • Clean light fixtures. 


  • Thoroughly clean the bathtub interior and shower. 

  • Rinse off shampoo, conditioner, and other containers. 

  • Replace rags and loofahs, as needed. 

  • Clean trash cans. 

  • Clean the toilet thoroughly. 

  • Clean showerhead

  • Wash shower curtain liner. 

  • Mop floors. 

  • Declutter under-sink cabinets and medicine cabinets. 

  • Clean light fixtures. 

Bedroom (and Closet)

  • Put out-of-season clothing in storage

  • Wash throw pillows and/or covers. 

  • Wash pillows

  • Wash duvet cover, comforter, blankets, etc. 

  • Dust and clean the headboard. 

  • Vacuum mattress. 

  • Polish wooden furniture

  • Clean closet floor. 

  • Declutter seasonal clothes and shoes that weren’t worn during the colder months. 

  • Clean under furniture. 

Living Area

  • Wash throw pillows and/or covers. 

  • Wash blankets. 

  • Store extra blankets

  • Spot-clean carpets. 

  • Vacuum upholstery, including beneath cushions. 

  • Rotate furniture cushions as applicable. 

  • Clean and polish leather furniture. 

  • Clean under furniture. 

  • Polish wood furniture

  • Spot-clean upholstery

Around The House

  • Wash throw rugs. 

  • Clean and disinfect light switches. 

  • Clean light fixtures. 

  • Wipe down doors and door handles. 

  • Clean baseboards

  • Clean walls

  • Dust the tops of doors and window frames. 

  • Clean blinds or other window coverings and/or wash curtains. 

  • Wash windows and screens. 

  • Touch-up paint where needed. 

  • Re-pot plants as needed. 

Outdoor Areas

  • Wash front and back doors. 

  • Shake out doormats. 

  • Clean entry areas.

  • Clean walkways. 

  • Clean outdoor cushions and furniture. 

Seasonal Maintenance

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