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5 Documents Needed To Rent An Apartment

Updated: Apr 10

The Rental Application process includes a lot of important paperwork, background checks, credit checks & fees. If you get all your documents together beforehand, it will be smooth process!

Pay Stubs

Landlords ask to see your pay stubs to confirm your employment status and proof of monthly income through recent pay stubs.

  • Landlords typically only accept tenants for whom the rental price is 30% or less of their income.

  • Landlords will ask for your two most recent pay stubs.

  • You can find your pay stub online or ask your boss for a copy of proof of income

Bank Statements

Bank statement is another way that shows that you actually will have the money to pay your rent and satisfy the requested information.

  • Bring along two months' worth of bank statements.

  • You can bank statement on your app, or you can contact your bank directly and ask for two months worth of bank statements.

Proof Of Identification

You will need a photo ID of some sort as part of a list of items that can prove your identity during the rental application process.

  • You will need your driver's license number or other identification with you.

Social Security Number

Property managers use this number to perform credit and background checks to help determine whether you'll be a good tenant.

  • If this is your very first apartment and you're new to the credit game, or you know our credit is low, you might bring a co-signer application with you.

Pet Information

If you're looking at apartments that allow pets, the property manager or landlord may ask for information about them on the rental application.

  • The lease agreement and related application fees will likely outline rules regarding the number and type of pets allowed, their weight and size.

  • Bring along references as well as proof of vaccinations.

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting an apartment for the first time or seeking a change to your current living arrangement. Just make sure you’re prepared for the move - Good luck!

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